Hi I am Molly and this speech is about me and how I have learnt to never give up.
When I was a baby I was very tiny and not growing. The doctors got very worried about me and so were Mum and Dad. Various methods were tried to get me to grow but none worked. Dr Abbot my next specialist decided that I needed an operation to stop my silent reflux and to put a feeding tube directly into my stomach. I was only one and a half years old and Mum stayed in the hospital with me and learn’t all the things she would need to know about using the feeding pump when we would go home. Mum was sad as well as worried about me as her Dad and my Grandad had just passed away. I slowly started to grow lucky the doctors didn’t give up on me

I went to the Champion Centre and they have a motto saying Growing Champions and they never gave up on me. It was hard work doing physiotherapy, speech language therapy,occupational therapy and music therapy. I cried a lot doing physio and it was very hard for Mum but she didn’t give up and kept taking me once a week for five years. Sometimes I went twice a week to a feeding clinic as well.

When I was two years old I visited the hospital eighty times and always got invited to the hospital Christmas party which me and my siblings enjoyed. I didn’t understand then why Mum didn’t think it was such a great thing. Now I know that I was only invited because I was very sick and went to hospital so often.

I had some other operations on my stomach and my eye and again no one gave up on me.
I went to kindy with the help of my early intervention teacher from the Champion Centre Margaret. She was so wonderful and helped me and always encouraged me and was always there for me and never,ever gave up on me. The Champion Centre people thought I was there star champion and couldn’t believe the progress I had made from a tiny fragile baby to a champion. They loved the help I got at home from my Mum and Dad and George and Jemima. She helped me settle into school, into Mrs Harlands class. As I got older at school I had learn the lesson to never give up. I had to do the school cross country’s, swimming sports, mountain biking, Triathlon with Mr Mitchell, school speeches and talking in front of lots of people, sitting school tests, making friends, fight with my tummy pains and to force myself to eat and drink..

I have learnt to try my best to keep going even if it is hard work. Some people would find the above things easy but for me they are hard physically, mentally and emotionally. I have learn’t the lesson well to NEVER GIVE UP and maybe some of you can learn this lesson too.

Thank you for listening.

An important lesson : Never give up