Special Needs Library client Nadia Moffat, and her childrenn Bonnie and Luca, recently borrowed Bruno the weighted chocolate labrador. They sent us some photos and a letter about Bruno’s adventures with them:

When we arrived at the ticket office [of the miniature steam train] we introduced Bruno and asked if he could ride with us. We pointed out that he was a very well-behaved dog. We were asked, “is he trained?”. We replied that he was at least toilet trained. They asked if he was trained for trains and we laughed. Bruno must have looked trustworthy because they let him board the train with us.

Bruno was scared at first, but when he saw the steam from the steam train it calmed him down a bit. He liked going on the trains with us and hopes that next time he comes to stay he can do it again.

Bruno was frightened when we went over a bridge because he was worried he would end up in the water. Poor Bruno can’t swim because he is too heavy. To make Bruno feel safe Bonnie put him in her jacket with his head sticking out. It was nice and warm in there, which is good because it was a very windy day. He enjoyed the view but didn’t want to lean out too much because he was scared he would fall out.

Bruno liked looking at the trees and the other dogs who were walking their humans in the domain. There were lots of different breeds, but no other Labradors. Next time we will play at the playground afterwards if it is warmer. We saw Bruno eyeing that up too.

Thanks for letting us have Bruno. He gives lovely cuddles and even got on well with our dog Jimmy. We hope he enjoys his next adventure with another family.

Bruno’s Train Ride