We have had a bit of a ride with our son and the journey isn’t over yet. Early on in our trip we met with Early Intervention Services and were presented with a series of options and brochures of what was available to us. One of those brochures was for the Christchurch Special Needs Library. At the time Evan was very young, maybe 18months old and we were excited to find out that there was such a library and went to join up. We met with Charlotte, the Resource advisor and found her so helpful. The Special Needs Library has so many resources that were appropriate and it really lightened our load at the time. Every month it was a great outing to drive to the Library to return our resources and spend time playing and selecting new items with help from Charlotte and the staff who were always on hand to give advice and point us in the right direction. As our son grew and got better control over his body, his interests changed and so did his needs. Each time we found assistance at the Special Needs Library and the right resources to help us grow his skills even more.  Our journeys are never easy and with each surgery, setback, illness, and change in our son’s life we always found what we needed at the Special Needs Library, be it support, advice, resources or just a place to come and feel ‘normal.’ The Christchurch Special Needs Library can be a real gift to parents and children who need just that little bit more to help them on their path to success.

Vivien, Michael and Evan Field

Springston, Canterburyevan