We have a Down Syndrome son called Riley 8yrs.

He was a Prem baby born 9 weeks early weighing 21b lloz.

When Riley was born we didn’t know he was Down Syndrome. He wasn’t diagnosed until he was 4 months old.

Riley has an older sister Emily 10 yrs, who was also a prem baby, born 10 weeks early at 3lb 3oz.

Soon after Riley was born we were introduced to the Champion Centre for Rileys early intervention and learning.

During this time Riley learnt very valuable skills for his development into his school years.

The Champion Centre introduced us to The Special Needs Library, where they have the tools that both our kids need to keep thriving.

The Special Needs Library has specialised educational products which help with all aspects of our kids learning.

With Riley being both prem and Down Syndrome, his fine motor skills have been very slow to develop, but with the help of the products from the Special Needs Library he has come a long way.

Both Riley and Emily love playing with the products, and are gaining valuable skills at the same time.

Tanya Dench

Our Story with Riley and Emily