Welcome to the Christchurch Special Needs Library

We are a lending resource, that hires educational and therapeutic resources to enrich learning experiences and promote development of those with special needs in our community.

Needs may be intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural or social.

Over 3,500 resources are arranged according to the particular skills that they are designed to develop. For example Language development, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills.

We welcome children and adults with special needs or anyone supporting them to join the Special Needs Library. We welcome general families also and schools wishing to use our resources.

Another area where we provide a service to the community is that of a resource centre for tertiary students studying the field of special needs – speech therapy, physio and occupational therapy, special education, kindergarten teaching and nursing.

Our Stories: Mural Volunteers

It was easy to drive past the library’s blank concrete brick exterior and not notice it was there. But now the outside is beginning to match the colour inside as a mural wrapping around the front and entrance walls takes shape.

Fine arts student Rebecca McLeod is leading the team of volunteers painting the mural. Her chief assistant is Harini Weeratunga, a Thursday morning library volunteer who has communication difficulties and a talent for art.

Library staff collaborated on the design concept of colourful puzzle pieces – representing abilities and strengths - coming off a tree and being relayed into the library by black stick figures. The design was pulled together and refined then drawn free-hand onto the wall by Rebecca who is a fourth-year painting student at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Arts. She previously won a mural design prize and got to paint her design on a community wall in the Auckland beach suburb of Orewa. She’s also illustrated a series of children’s books ‘The Chronicles of Sir Hifford Wilkington-Bisset’, a rhyming story about a monkey. Rebecca’s art will be for sale at this year’s Christchurch Art Show in June. It can also be viewed on her website www.littlefeathersart.com