We are a voluntary organisation, proudly serving our community since 1977. The library is divided into areas which address physical, cognitive, developmental, emotional, social and sensory needs.

The Educational And Therapeutic Resource Advisor

The Educational  and Therapeutic Resource Advisor can assist you in the Library to offer advice on suitable therapeutic, recreational and educational resources and equipment.

In certain circumstances, home visits may be available at the discretion of the Educational and Therapeutic  Resources Advisor.

The advisor is available most days we are open, however if you prefer, just call us up to make an appointment.


The Special Needs Library has three part-time employees:

  • Liaison/Secretary
  • Educational and Therapeutic Resource Advisor
  • Library Co-ordinator


A committee of seven is headed by:
Chairperson: Gina Mintrom
Secretary: Christina Murray
Patron: Belinda Mortlock
Hon Solicitor: Mortlock McCormack Law
Auditor: Harald Breiding-Buss