We have had a bit of a ride with our son and the journey isn’t over yet. Early on in our trip we met with Early Intervention Services and were presented with a series of options and brochures of what



I have twin girls that were born premature at 28weeks. From time to time they have attended the Champion Centre who put us onto the Special Needs Library. This resource is fantastic and amazing as not only could I get the exact same resources that they had been working with at the Champion Centre to use at home I could often get two of the same thing which prevented any squabbling over toys!. There is also an Occupational Therapist on hand to help you to select the right resources for your child’s needs.

This is a fabulous resource for Christchurch which should never be lost – please support it in any way you can


“I have been involved with the Christchurch Special Needs Library for almost 10 years as I joined not long after my youngest son George was born. George suffered a brain haemorrhage at birth and this means both gross and fine