Welcome to the Christchurch Special Needs Library

We are a lending resource, that hires educational and therapeutic resources to enrich learning experiences and promote development of those with special needs in our community.

Needs may be intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural or social.

Over 3,500 resources are arranged according to the particular skills that they are designed to develop. For example Language development, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills.

We welcome children and adults with special needs or anyone supporting them to join the Special Needs Library. We welcome general families also and schools wishing to use our resources.

Another area where we provide a service to the community is that of a resource centre for tertiary students studying the field of special needs – speech therapy, physio and occupational therapy, special education, kindergarten teaching and nursing.

Our Stories

During my recent trip from Canada, I had the chance to visit the Special Needs Library for the first time, and was quite unprepared for what greeted me there! I was very impressed to find, not just rows of books as their name suggests, but a large space full of carefully shelved, topically arranged therapeutic tools, toys and functional aids, all brightly coloured, contained and catalogued. Small tables and chairs scattered around provide a welcoming place for little ones and their parents/carers to experiment with, or practice on, a variety of age and ability-appropriate toys, puzzles, interactive games, musical instruments and even language learning tapes. The helpful volunteers provide a friendly atmosphere in what is a unique place for those with special needs and their families. Congratulations to you all for having created such a valuable resource in Christchurch.

– Judy